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Echoes (Solo Show) @ Hooks-Epstein Gallery

The works of Angel Castelán depict a series of ordinary moments that could be a snapshot into anyone’s daily life. However, looking further in, the work is a dialogue in itself, which speaks on identity and personal relationships. Castelán, who is a gay, Latinx male, sources his own life as reference material for the prints, drawings, and paintings in his exhibition, entitled Echoes. He depicts the authenticity and vulnerability of these intimate interactions that are reserved for private moments or settings and are unconstrained by cultural and societal influences.

Angel Castelán earned his MFA in Painting from the University of Houston (UH) in 2019. He was a Teaching Fellow at UH from fall of 2017 through spring of 2019. He has had solo exhibitions in Houston including To Be Honest at Project Space Gallery in 2019 and Drawn Superstition at the William R. Jenkins Architecture and Art Library in 2017. Also, in 2019, Castelán participated in the group exhibitions Hombres Sinceros at the Multicultural Education and Counseling Through the Arts organization (MECA) and UH School of Art 41st Annual Thesis Exhibition at the Blaffer Art Museum (Houston). In December of 2018, he was featured in VoyageHouston’s Art and Life with Angel Castelán.
In her exhibition, Collection of Whispers, Sunni Forcier examines each piece as a specimen under her personal lens for analysis, treating the creation of her work as an investigative process. She works intuitively, allowing the process and the materials to guide her decisions. Forcier’s impulse to take this exploratory approach comes from a litany of health issues and other unexpected circumstances within her family that have led her to delve into themes of memory, time, history, and impermanence. The works in her exhibition—a collection of books, which Forcier has dismantled and incorporated found objects and seemingly mundane illustrations into—speaks on the larger subject of curiosity opening the door to a personal history.

Sunni Forcier earned her MFA in Photography from the University of Houston in 2019. She was a Teaching Fellow at UH from fall of 2017 through spring of 2019. In 2016, Forcier had a solo exhibition, Investigating Luminosity, at Third Space (UH). In 2019, she participated in the group exhibition the 41st Masters of Fine Art Thesis Show at the Blaffer Art Museum (Houston). In 2015, Sunni Forcier was published in Photographer’s Forum, Best of College Photography.

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Hombres Sinceros
to May 31

Hombres Sinceros

Artist Talks May 18, 2019 from 2-4pm at MECA.

MECA is pleased to present "Hombres Sinceros" — a group exhibition curated by Jimmy Castillo and Theresa Escobedo via MantecaHTX for Houston’s Spring of Latino Art and in conjunction with Latino Art Now! "Hombres Sinceros," the last exhibition in this Open Call series, will open with a public reception on Saturday, May 11, 2019, from 2 - 4 PM, and is complemented by an artists’ presentations and literary readings, "Hombres Sinceros: Art + Lit", on May 18, 2019, from 2 - 4 PM.

Featured artists in this exhibition include:
Angel Castelán
El Edu
Simon Gonzalez
Marcos Hernández
Ibraim Do Nascimento Santos
Alexander Squier, with Edwin Terrell
Saul Hernandez-Vargas
Erick Zambrano

Artists for this exhibition were selected via the first-ever open call organized by MantecaHTX, a registry & directory of Houston Latinx creatives. The artists included in "Hombres Sinceros," in particular, consider shared cultural heritage and transgenerational inheritance through art-making.

"Hombres Sinceros" takes its name from a poem, "Yo Soy Un Hombre Sincero," by Cuban freedom fighter and national hero, José Martí, and is presented in conjunction with Yo Soy Un Hombre Sincero - A Latin Chamber Music Concert, a MECA presents production by percussionist Craig Hauschildt and violinist Jackson Guillen.

This project is funded in part by the City of Houston through Houston Arts Alliance.

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to Apr 12

MFA Thesis Show

Each spring the Blaffer Art Museum and the University of Houston School of Art proudly present the work of the Masters of Fine Arts degree candidates from the school’s five studio programs: Graphic Design, Interdisciplinary Practice and Emerging Forms, Painting, Photography/Digital Media and Sculpture. The exhibition showcases highly developed bodies of work produced in a studio intensive environment over a three-year degree program. The exhibition will be on view through April 13.

The students will also be presenting talks on their work on Tuesday, April 9 and Wednesday, April 10.

Erin Carty
Angel Castelan
Jimmy Castillo
Jinyong Choi
Dylan Conner
Leticia Contreras
Sunni Forcier
Rafael Gamero
Madison Luetge
Karen Martinez
Melissa Noble
Robert Redfearn
Amanda Schilling
Derek Witucki
Haoxiang (Aaron) Zhang

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to Oct 4

Bloodlines (Group Show)

Bloodlines is an interdisciplinary group show by MFA 3rd years Karen Martinez, Jimmy Castillo, and Angel Castelán. There will be work ranging from photography, painting, and video from each artist as well as collaborative pieces.

Aware of Columbus Day, this show explores aspects of colonization and its relationship with our bodies and identities today. Our identities, as complex and raw as the first encounters between two unknown entities.

We take this opportunity to imagine other parts of colonization.

Is colonization finished or are we still going through it?

Does decolonization mean to take back what was colonized? By force? By subversion? Does it mean breaking free from the colonizer? Are we not deeply intertwined with the destiny of our colonizer? Should we be Imagining Re-colonization instead?

To answer this we assume the role of the colonized.  We make observations about what it’s like to live through active colonization in the form of gentrification. We acknowledge that in the Latinx familia we inherit our religious values directly through colonization’s forced indoctrination, which in turn causes the LGBTQ community to be shamed and accosted. This is the same religion that thinks of women as whores or saints, no in between.
Colonization has mestizised our bodies and savagely ripped our indigenous roots from us. Is our presence in the mythical land of Aztlan destiny or is it just poetic coincidence?

Bloodlines is the coming together of experiences and disciplines. It is an affirmation of Latinx unity and solidarity. It is working together to imagine healing and growth in our community.

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to Mar 26

with&without (duo show)

Show is up from March 20th through the 26th on the fourth floor of the Fine Arts Building.

Reception: March 22, 2018. 

With and Without is a two person show by MFA Painting students Angel Castelán and Qindeel Butt. Collectively, the work explores the relationship between the spaces we inhabit and the inclusion or lack of, the human figure. The objects in Qindeel’s work are indirect portraits. They are the things we carry with us through our lives as well as a reflection of ourselves. Angel's paintings focus on the interactions between people, usually mundane yet very intimate moments from his everyday life.

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to Mar 9

Trajectories Seen (Group Show)

The "Trajectories Seen" exhibition is meant to showcase the artists who choose UH BFA programs; it is  being promoted to the Houston community as well as HCC-system art undergrads who may not realize the scope of the block programs at UH. This show is also a way to illustrate to the community and HCC students the kind of work that is produced in each program and what the actual students/graduates look like.

Artist Talk: March 2, 2018. 

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to Jan 1

Drawn Superstition (Solo Show)

Artist Statement:
Being of Mexican heritage, I grew up listening to all sorts of superstitions, and naturally, the majority of these were about animals. Brujas turn into lechuzas to carry you off at night. Don’t let the cara de niño bite you, or you’ll die. The urutau and black witch moths are harbingers of death; don’t let them get you. Thus, it is no surprise that certain animals are rejected or even feared to the point that they are killed when encountered. However, when these animals, who are either endemic or have ties that date back to the Aztecs, are pushed into being endangered or even extinct in the wild, it becomes a major issue. Through this series of drawings, I aim to capture these animals as they would normally be encountered; without the corruption of superstitious lens.

The show runs through January and is up for view in the upper section of the Architecture building at the University of Houston. 

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Parallels (Duo Show)
to Oct 31

Parallels (Duo Show)

Duo show by second year graduate painters Angel Castelán and Erin Carty.

Artist Reception: Wednesday October 25th from 5:30-7:30pm at the Third Space Gallery at the University of Houston (3rd floor of the School of Art). 

Collectively, the work explores the relationships between people (be it through multiple figures or having the viewer take the place of the painter) and the space they exist in. By depicting moments of varying intimacy, it allows the viewer to step into the lives of strangers and insert themselves into very intimate moments. Each artist presents his or her take on interpersonal relationships through the depiction of moments captured from their daily lives. Through these depictions, the artists are able to showcase to their viewers commonalities between the viewers, the artworks and the artists.

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Open Your Eyes Group Show
to Feb 13

Open Your Eyes Group Show

Zoya Tommy Gallery is pleased to present Open Your Eyes a group exhibition of emerging artists. Up and coming artists Rachel FischerEric OckrassaMargaret McMillan and Angel Castelán will come together to display a collection of their works. In addition, the gallery will host a solo-exhibition, entitled Connected for talented artist Kay Tasuji in a separate room.

All of the works included in the show are truly unique in style and philosophy. The show will include quirky sculptures by Rachel Fischer, colorful compositions by Eric Ockrassa, narrative sculptures by Margaret McMillan and provocative portraits by Angel Castelán. Kay Tasuji will showcase her surreal drawings inspired by her Middle Eastern background.

Eric Ockrassa’s background in graphic design shines through in his marvelously colorful modern compositions. Ockrassa is inspired by the complex systems that help to shape society. The infinite organizations that are constantly used but rarely given further investigation are the foundation for his work. Eric Ockrassa has an MFA in Painting and Drawing from the University of Houston. He has exhibited at numerous galleries in Houston including G Gallery, 4411 Montrose Gallery, and the Lawndale Art Center, Houston.

Rachel Fischer is new to Zoya Tommy Gallery; she is a multi-media artist currently residing in Denton, Texas. Her captivating small-scale pieces exude absurdity and whimsy. Using plastic appliance parts, cosmetic sponges, horsehair, and other humble foundations, she interprets new forms that defy their material components.

Fischer’s use of painting and sculpture explores the nature of object hood in art, as it relates to America’s cultural obsession with materiality. Fischer earned her MFA in Drawing and Painting at the University of North Texas. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions at the local and national level and has had several solo-exhibitions in Texas. Most recently she co-founded the artists studios and creative space Brick Haus Collective, which received a 2015 Nasher Sculpture Center Artist Microgrant.

Margaret McMillan’s work explores narrative in sculpture, from implied to literal text. She draws deeply from the natural world but is also drawn to the potential of fantasy and worlds unencumbered by the strictures of reality. Blending the two she creates new topographies in installation, as well as objects and creatures that exist just outside the realm of the familiar. Each piece invites the viewer to engage with this narrative potential and further develop the story themselves. The features of an imaginary world need not exist only in the imagination. “I am exploring and you can come too” says McMillan. She employs a range of materials, including traditional ceramics to common household goods and found objects. Margaret McMillan received her MFA from the University of Houston in May 2015.

Angel Castelán is the youngest artist appearing in the exhibition. He is currently a BFA candidate at the University of Houston pursing a degree in Painting. Castelán brings a fresh perspective to classical portraiture. A socio-political critique of culture radiates from his paintings.

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